Waverley Toyota Lifecycle Check-up

May 7, 2018

Waverley Toyota Lifecycle Check-up Explained


Best time to change your vehicle

Our Lifestyle Check-up helps you understand where your vehicle is at in it’s lifecycle. This includes your vehicle’s residual value, projected future costs (once capped price servicing expires), as well as current vehicle repayments. With this information, we can help you decide when the most financially beneficial time to consider changing or upgrading may be.


Upgrading may be cheaper than you think

Often, people don’t even realise that upgrading to that bigger model, or new-spec vehicle with Toyota Access may even lower their vehicle repayments! With TSA Capped Price Servicing and the decreased running costs of a new model vehicle, swapping into a new vehicle has never been more attainable!


Match your vehicle to lifestyle needs

Waverley Toyota understands that lifestyle changes can mean that maybe your current vehicle isn’t the most suited to your needs anymore. A growing family, retirement or even landing that promotion can mean changing to a different vehicle makes much more sense!


It only takes 30 minutes

Before your appointment, our team will prepare a report outlining your current and future vehicle costs, along with your current finance rate and vehicle repayments if applicable. In the appointment, we will compare this information with the costs and repayments of changing over to a different vehicle.


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